African Symbol for Love

African Symbol for Love

African love symbol

Represents love – Adinkra

African love symbols are rare. The most beautiful African symbol for love is the Adinkra symbol – “Love does not get lost on it’s way home” The other very popular symbol relating to passion is the Sankofa symbol which is an African Adinkra Symbol. Love symbols are used in jewelry, on letters and tattoos. Humans seem to love representations of love – and in African music this is very obvious – in fact, in all music, love is the most widely used theme. Music from Africa is a fast growing industry – and is showing the other side of this wild continent.

The symbol for love varies widely around the world – this particular design is widely used on African textile prints by the Akan peoples. Adinkra symbols are simply the best symbols on the African continent, loved by African people. The motif appears in many African pictures and on many African music covers and Cd’s.

The African symbol for love can be found in many different types of media – African music is full of references to love – Zahara, a South African musician, has wonderful lyrics which cover the subject – not just love for another human, but divine love as well. Art is a great medium through which to express emotion through iconic symbolism – whether it is through sculpture or painting. The Arts in general – theatre, musicals and comedy are rich with African Symbolism – unfortunatly actual graphics are rare, hence the western type images are used – the “same old, same old” heart is ever popular, but as boring as all get out. Zulu love beads are one example of symbolism in craft and jewelry – and although they represent love, they are not a single, focused symbol – something I have been searching for. Anyone out there with something for me – help out here people – if you know of such a representation for African love symbols let me know.

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